100% Working Ways to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test

Drug testing is one of the common tests that most of the new hires have to go through in the US. As compared to other countries, pre-employment drug testing is highly prevalent in the US. This is an irony as majority of the US states have legalized the use of marijuana.

Nonetheless, that's how you get a job! There are so many ways to clear a drug test - some actually work, some don't. From fake pee to detox pills - the Internet is full of products. So, we thought of looking at some of the best-selling products that has helped thousands of employees pass drug tests with flying colors.

Detox Drinks for Drug Test

It's really easy to use detox drinks for successful drug testing, but people are very skeptical about whether they work or not. The truth with detox drinks is they're not detoxifying you at all.

You remove toxins from your body when you detox so you're clean. Detox drinks do not release the body's toxins. You do not wash your body, except to eliminate contaminants in your bladder at the time. A detox drink contains nutrients, minerals, creatine and other things that make your urine look natural. They also contain other ingredients that flushes out the bladder and urinary tract, plus the volume of liquid.

So what you really get is for a couple of hours to block the chemicals in your body. You actually do this because you filtered out the toxins in a urine sample instantly and kept the urine dry. You're not dry, your urine is only briefly free of contaminants, and within a few hours the body's storing toxins will again spill into the bladder.

For moderate users or smokers, drug detox drinks are good. If you're heavily exposed to toxins, they'll only get you a few hours after the metabolites are gone. Usually the best ones give up to 5 hours after taking them a window opportunity.

Detox Pills for Weed

Detox pills are substances that are produced from the body to detoxify drugs and toxins. These can consist of substances that interfere with drug test accuracy such as zinc, herbs that have a diuretic effect such as alfalfa, dilution-masking substances such as creatine and b-vitamins, or adulterants and oxidizers.

Some detox pills work by diluting the urine by drinking plenty of water and taking herbs as well. These pills can then supply creatine to replace the lost creatinine concentration and make the pee yellow with b-vitamins again. Drug metabolites are therefore diluted, and creatine and color levels are normal, as are ph and specific gravity, all of which are tested to ensure that a sample has not been manipulated or diluted.

It is also important for you to understand that if you stick with the same pattern of use, no detox product will be a permanent cleaning of toxins. You should be mindful that the claims are made in an attempt to sell these products when attempting to pick cleaning pills and when evaluating the different claims made about the drugs, so you should carefully evaluate the claims.

Best Synthetic Urine

In a laboratory setting, fake pee is engineered by a chemist to mimic human urine's characteristics, chemical properties, and composition. Because it includes all the right elements, at a microscopic level it cannot even be separated from the real thing. In addition to the ingredients, synthetic pee has the same level of pH, gravity, and color as natural samples.

Artificial products are available in several types, including dried powders and mixable substances. In terms of shelf-life, ingredients and cost, the products also vary. You can obtain it in the form of a kit with user directions when you purchase synthetic urine.

Usually, you're going to have to mix the substance and heat the content to have a fluid that you can pass through as a pee, leaving your body at around 95 degrees Fahrenheit. If you're not warming your sample to the right temperature, it can be a clear indication that you're cheating. A good quality synthetic urine will include creatinine, sulphates, urea, uric acid, ammonia, and some additional artificial products that give it a realistic yellow color without the addition of colorants or other chemicals that can be easily diagnosed in a drug test.

Sub-Solution Review

In 2003, Clear Choice Sub-Solution was launched, 16 years later this brand continues to thrive as the best in its category. This is a synthetic urine test that is 100% active and engineered to be undetectable and toxin-free.

Clear Choice's Sub Solution, like any artificial urine, is a solution that closely imitates normal and natural urine. Chemically speaking, it is a complex solution of water that includes both organic and inorganic compounds, just like real urine.

In the same proportions and concentration, artificial waste has the same ingredients as urine. Urine drug tests measure the quality of the most essential ingredients urea, uric acid, and creatinine, as well as pH and relative gravity. The inorganic substances synthetic urine is made out of are what gives the synthetic urine the same pH and specific gravity as genuine urine.

You'll find the dehydrated organic urine solution, a heat activator, and a temperature strip tube in the Clear Choice Sub-Solution Pack. While most brands market their fake pee in liquid form, they are sold in powdered form by Clear Choice. This makes preparation easier and keeps your fake pee fresh until the day of the test.

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Another important part of the kit is the heat activator. When you pee, your urine is at a temperature of 90 to 100 °F. To make sure your sample is at this level of warmth, Clear Choice has a heat activator included in its kit. The heat activator keeps your urine warm enough until you need to submit it to the lab.

The bottom-line is that detox pills, drinks, fake pee, etc. all work depending on your metabolism and substance usage. Yes, all or most of these products help you clear a drug test, but the best way to successfully clear a drug test is to avoid using it for good.